Payment Terms

1. Payment with Credit Card
The customer can choose to pay with credit card. Sports World Inc. currently accepts the following cards.    We reserve the right to hold credit card order for approval.

Visa,    MasterCard,    American Express,    Debit Card


Please enter name and address of the person submitting the payment (e.g., credit card holder) when filling out credit card authorization form.   For your protection, Sports World Inc. reserves the right to hold credit card orders for address verification.    We cannot guarantee availability of items on credit card declined orders.    If we are unable to obtain an authorization, we will cancel the order.

2. Payment to Bank
Customers can also choose to wire the money to Sports World Inc., either via e-banking systems or your own bank.

Bank Information
Bank of America
Routing No.: 026009593
Account No.: Please call if needed (636)230-5004

Bank of America
One Boatmens Plaza
800 Market Street
St. Louis, MO 63101
Phone:  1-800-944-0404

Remember to reference the order number when sending a bank wire.  Goods will be released for shipment when payment is received.

3. Payment with Check or Money Order & Personal Check Policy
Make all checks payable to Sports World Inc.      Check must be received at Sports World Inc. within 15 days of date on check.    Personal checks must be imprinted with name, street address and daytime phone (no P.O. Box).     Checks must be signed by the same name imprinted on the check.    If the street address is not imprinted, please hand-print address and daytime phone number in the upper left corner and initial any alterations.   For your protection, all personal checks are subject to complete address and bank verification.   Returned checks are subject to a service charge of $25.00 or the maximum allowed by law.     Other costs of collection and all penalties permitted by law also will be assessed.     All checks are screened by Equifax.

4: Sales Tax Information
The amount of sales tax that will be added to your order is based on the state to which your order is being shipped, the standard sales tax charged in that area and the total dollar amount of your order.    Not all customers will be charged sales tax.

5. Duties/VAT
For orders shipped outside the United States, all applicable duties must be paid by the customer and will be billed by the delivering carrier.

6. Pricing Changes
We apologize prices are subject to change without notice.    We reserve the right to limit quantities.

Should there be any questions regarding payment please contact us at TEL:  636-230-5004 or send an email to


Thank you for your order.